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Ellie Beaudry is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice engages with current environmental issues by exploring connections with the natural environment.  Although relying on scientific research derived from her engineering background, Ellie addresses environmentalist concerns through different means than current science communication with varying success.  She attempts to expand upon how these topics are approached, integrating both a rational and a spiritual view of people’s relationship to nature.  Her work draws heavily from the environment closest to her, especially the environmental pollution problems that these areas face.  Artistic influences for her work include Cai Guo Qiang and Daan Roosengaarde.  During her time in Ithaca NY, Ellie’s work primarily focused on water and the gorges.  Her most recent work explores issues of lead contamination at Ithaca falls through video and painting installations.  This broad range captures the multi-media nature of her work, as she enters projects through an initial concept and then chooses a suitable medium.  Ellie received a BFA and BS in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University in 2020.

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